Board of Directors Biographies

Kent E. Boots, President - Kent has over 20 years of experience in Traffic Collision Investigation and Reconstruction; 14 as an on-scene investigator for a major California Sheriff’s Department.  He participated in his department's Major Accident Reconstruction Team as an ACTAR (#1170) accredited reconstructionist from October of 1998 until his retirement in 2006.  He has qualified and testified numerous times as an expert in traffic collision reconstruction at trial and depositions and is a court-recognized expert in forensic mapping, total station technology, and CAD scale diagrams including 3D diagrams. 

He owns and operates Kent E. Boots & Associates; providing forensic mapping, scale diagramming, and consulting services to various reconstruction firms throughout California.  Kent has taught all levels of collision investigation & reconstruction, including crash and crime scene diagramming and forensic mapping.  His training is provided through, a business primarily dedicated to providing Forensic Mapping System training & CAD software training coast-to-coast, as well as selling all Forensic Mapping System Equipment & Software.  His courses are approved for ACTAR and IAI (International Association for Identification (CEUs).  His Forensic Mapping course was the first, and still currently the only, POST approved course in California.  Kent is a published author on the subject of Forensic Mapping (Fundamentals of Forensic Mapping, Kinetic Energy Press, 2010)

He is a certified Forensic Mapping Specialist and has been a full member of PFSM for over 13 years.  He is a member of numerous professional organizations having served on the CAARS Board of directors from 2001 through 2010; most recently as the Chairperson. 

Michael J. "Mick" Capman, Vice-President - Mick, is the Vice President, previous At-Large Board member and a Charter Member of PSFM.  Mick is an established crash reconstruction expert in the southwest of Michigan (USA) who bought an electronic total station and associated equipment in 1991, envisioning its application solely for his private investigative business.  With just 4 hours of the provided training, he quickly discovered that much more was needed to be known about the technology for the desired application.  Mick is, for the most part, self-taught on the total station, data collector and software.  With his experience in public safety, it was easy for him to envision and apply the variety of uses that the total station process would offer.

From his research in 1991, no other police-oriented individual had incorporated the use of total stations for crash or crime scene reconstruction purposes, and only one (1) public safety agency had been given a few, and was in the process of being trained on them. Since 1992, he has generously provided a simple “how to use” training program for our military forensic investigators, local police first-responders, and scene analysis at the federal, state, and county level.  He also has provided “forensic mapping system (FMS)” training for the Canadian R.C.M.P. and the Federal Police of Mexico.  When not providing FMS training, he can be found at his home in Muskegon, MI, either polishing and/or riding his Harley, or helping his wife, Monica (a Det./Sgt., MPD) with diagramming a crash or crime scene locally.  His passion is seeing the technology by which diagramming, and associated measurements, are brought into the 21st Century.  Mick has attended a HDS (high definition scanning) school in San Ramon, CA and clearly sees where HDS has a place in today’s crash & crime scene tool box. 

James A. "Jim" Moore, Secretary - Jim is a Charter Member of PSFM, holds a Masters Degree from Amber University in Human Relations and Business and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Sam Houston State University in Police Science and Administration. He served with the Dallas Police Department from 1974, until he retired in 1994. During his tenure, he was assigned to the Special Operations Division, Traffic Division/Section from 1981 to 1994, serving as a Senior Corporal of Police-Accident Investigator (A&I); A&I Field Training Officer; Fatality Accident Response Team Member, and Academy Instructor instructing collision investigation and reconstruction courses. He is the President of JAM/MVA Reconstruction Service (1985 to present) and serves as the President of Texas Association of Accident Reconstructionist Specialist (T.A.A.R.S.).

Arnold G. Wheat, Treasurer - Arnie has more than 30 years' experience in the field of Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction. His background in law enforcement includes employment as a police officer with the Arvada (Colorado) Police Department and with the State of New York. He has received judicial approval to testify as an expert witness in the areas of Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction in several U.S. District Courts, as well as in numerous judicial districts throughout Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Florida, Nebraska, Tennessee and Wyoming.

He is the author of the book, Accident Investigation Manual, co-author of two other instructional manuals, and has had approximately 20 articles published in various journals and publications. He has also taught courses in Accident Investigation and Reconstruction for many law enforcement and traffic safety organizations, including the American Trucking Association, the Rocky Mountain Institute for Transportation Safety, the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, the Institute of Police Technology and Management, the North American Transportation Management Institute and the Society of Accident Reconstructionists.

He is Past Chairman of the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR), and was a committee participant on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's task force on "Minimum Training Criteria for Police Traffic Accident Reconstructionists". As the current Chairman of the Society of Accident Reconstructonists (SOAR), he serves as an editor and frequent contributor to the quarterly magazine, SOARce.

Dennis Payne, Sergeant-at-Arms - Dennis is a founding member and past officer of PSFM. He works as a consultant for Accident Cause Analysis (1976 to present) and Forensic Arts (1998 to present). He holds a Master of Science Degree in Biomechanical Trauma. He retired from the Florida Highway Patrol in 1982 after serving as a Traffic Homicide Investigator and Field Supervisor. He was an adjunct instructor for IPTM from 1982 to 2005. He now teaches for the Florida Public Safety Institute and is active in several Accident Reconstruction associations.

Eino "Butch" Thompson, Director at Large - Mr. Thompson served with the Massachusetts State Police from 1974 until he retired in 2008.  During his career, Butch served as a Trooper from 1975 to 1992 and then transferred into the Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, assigned to the western reconstruction team.  In 1998, he was promoted to Sergeant and became the supervisor for the Western, and Central Teams.  During his career, he also served as an Academy Instructor, and instructor for the Municipal Police Academies, instructing in accident investigation, accident reconstruction, and child passenger safety courses. Butch is a member of several crash reconstruction associations, and the President of D&B Collision Analysis. He also serves as the Vice President on the IAARS (International Association for Accident Reconstruction Specialists) Board of Directors.

Chuck Veppert, Director at Large - Chuck served with the Ohio State Highway Patrol for almost 29 years before retiring in 2006 as the LCS Unit Commander at the Warren District Headquarters. He was a member of OSP's first IPTM Crash Reconstruction training class in 1989, and worked as a regional Crash Reconstructionist covering Northeast Ohio and the Ohio Turnpike. He was later trained on Sokkia and Leica total stations and has mapped numerous crash and crime scenes across Ohio. He is a charter member of PSFM, ACTAR accredited, certified in all levels as a Federal Motor Carrier Inspector, and holds an Associates degree from Kent State University in Criminal Justice. Chuck owns and operates Valley Technical Services of Columbia Station, Ohio. He also serves as the President on the NAPARS (National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists)

Toby L. Wagner, Director at Large - Toby is a 22-year veteran of the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) and a Charter Member of PSFM. He has been involved in forensic mapping for OSHP since 1994 while assigned to several posts across the state and as commander of the Crash Reconstruction and Analysis Unit. Toby is an adjunct instructor at the OSHP training academy and the Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM). He received his training in Vehicle Dynamics and Traffic Crash Reconstruction from IPTM in 1991. He has attended advanced courses such as Pedestrian Collisions, Commercial Vehicle Crash Reconstruction, Computer Aided Reconstruction, Computerized Collision Diagramming and Crash Data Retrieval, as well as numerous conferences and seminars. In addition to IPTM, he has trained at the Northwestern University Traffic Institute, Texas A&M and the Ohio State University. Toby recently completed a one-year appointment to a panel of experts with the National Cooperative Highway Research Program and the Transportation Research Board in Washington D.C.

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