PSFM Mission Statement
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History recalls that in the lobby lounge of a high profile hotel in Grand Rapids, MI., a small group of IAARS members, attending an annual conference, decided to join with their new interest in electronic ‘total stations’ and create an organization devoted to furthering the knowledge of how to document various scenes electronically.

Only one or two of the initial members had invested in their own total station purchase while the others were provided for by their individual law enforcement agencies.

It was agreed that the “club” would be called the Professional Society of Forensic Mapping (PSFM). This group was viewed initially as being a “streets level” users-organization focused on offering tips, hints, & suggestions on the application and use of total stations, data collectors, CAD software for creating to-scale scene diagrams.

Our mission is simple and long term. Provide members with a forum for the exchange of information pertaining to skills & techniques for the electronic documentation of crash or crime scenes, using all means available to them. In nearly all venues, “crime” scenes entail criminal acts whether on a public highway, mall parking lot, neighborhood park, up-scale apartment or low income housing.

PSFM was organized with users of total stations, data collectors, prisms, & CAD software … regardless of brand name, model, or version of the Instruments or support equipment/software.

This understanding is strong within the current day list of honorable members who all subscribe, basically, to the belief that … a. all total stations measure angles & a distances, some by remote control, others by manual assist, some with or without prismless capabilities. b. “data collectors” do just that, collect raw data whether the feature is stored internally within the total station or externally by a device using either DOS or WinCE software. c. all software manufacturers are capable of 2D to-scale scene diagrams, and d. adequate and relevant manufacturer certified training on the total station, data collector, and software is necessary.

PSFM’s elected board of officers is comprised of dedicated members who’s first compassion is family, next their chosen vocation, and then PSFM. Your help is needed to further strengthen our mission. This organization and Webpage is a “work in progress”.


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